Saturday, November 10, 2007

Holiday Open House

I bet you never thought of Whimsies as a place to buy furniture, did you? Well guess again. If you have been by the store window in the last few days you saw three unique pieces of Dust Furniture we now have in stock. Along with all the amazing new glass, pottery, and jewelry we have received in anticipation of our annual Holiday Open House, you will see these cool cases you can use for all the great books we carry.

Books? Oh yes, we have books too. Not the usual best-sellers, but the kind of books that get buried in a normal bookstore. Do yourself a favor and read Hug Time by Patrick McDonnell. This is one of those kids books that is wonderful for any age.

Don't forget that this week is 3rd Friday. This month is special because it is the preview to our Holiday Open House on Saturday and Sunday. If you are on our snail-mail list you will get a post card on Tuesday. Come join the party.