Sunday, October 28, 2007

Welcome to Whimsies!

I was asked to introduce Whimsies Incognito to you by my cyberspace-savvy coworkers. They have convinced a holdout in technological advances to take that step into the future and have a Web presence.

So here goes ...

Whimsies was the brainstorm of a woman who loved crafts and dabbling in them and was at a period in her life "floating" — working for somebody else, creating but not being creative, and, well, getting by.

A question of "What do you want to do?" led me down the road to this retail voyage that has to this point lasted 19 years. It is a labor of love — a living, breathing entity. A tribute to finding something that you love and putting your heart and soul into it.

The amazing fact is that it worked. It became a business that filled a need. It took a job I knew — retail — and turned it into a career. It filled in a niche in the landscape of downtown storefronts by providing a shopping experience that feels like one of those stores you visit while on vacation, yet it's in your backyard. It's brought many friends and acquaintances through my door and it's allowed me an opportunity to be part of a community.

Maybe for some of you this click will be a reintroduction to an old friend, and for others — welcome to the world of Whimsies.

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