Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Third Friday


The weather is just getting better and better. The forecast is looking pretty good for Friday evening. Third Friday happens every month, but springtime is when it starts to get busy. There are lots of things happening in town, including art openings and fun stuff for the kids -- stop by and we can fill you in. You can also check out Tarrytown 3rd Friday. Most of the stores stay open late so you can shop after you have dinner at one of Tarrytown's many restaurants.

Of course, we will be open late. If you received a postcard from us in the last few weeks, please bring it in -- we are having a prize drawing and to enter you need the postcard. We are also collecting email addresses for our new email list so please send that to Just put "email list" in the subject line so we can find it easily. We promise to treat this list the same way as our snailmail list. We will never share any of your information with anyone. We also promise to not overload your inbox with daily junk. It will just be used for important information about sales and events.

We hope to see you Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
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